The sea is deep indeed…


How pleasant it is to feel the waves gushing towards you at the sunset, slowly kissing your feet and engulfing all your day’s stress within itself. There is something more beyond these waves which the sea has to convey. While the sea near the shore is full of turmoil, there is another aspect to look beyond. Deep inside this gigantic body, there is a realm of serenity captured all throughout. Disturbed by the human atrocities and exploitation, it never fails to lose its essence. The dead silence within the deep waters is an indicative of the calmness embraced the sea. This, my dear friends, is something to be learned from the sea. In spite of fighting from all the hardships, the human soul should never fall prey to the negativity around it. Your heart and soul should engulf all the tumults of the daily life and be at soothe.

Just as we say, tranquility is bliss!! 🙂